Posted by: christopheralexanderhayter | November 2, 2010

“Ego Pod” Published by Underground Voices

Follow this link to my short story, “Ego Pod,” published by the online literary magazine Underground Voices.

Ego Pod: Enter it and know peace know love know heaven.

My story in Jelly Bucket has not come out yet.  They only publish one issue a year–so it may be a while still.

I recently confirmed two more publications.  I’ll blog on those shortly.


Posted by: christopheralexanderhayter | August 3, 2010

Time to leave Amish Country…

Hello to whomever has landed on my literary lily-pad here among the billions of blogs.

I’ve long resisted social network media, but the time has come to take the step, leave the caves and trees behind, and spread some pixels across the blogosphere.

My main purpose on this blog is to share myself as a writer.  I’ve recently confirmed my first significant publication (in the forthcoming issue of Jelly Bucket, more on that in a later post), so now seems like the appropriate time to start this blog.

Self-promotion is a necessary evil for all artists.  No one is going to promote us, so we better do it ourselves.  Hence, anyone who finds my writing and is interested can contact me here and learn more about me.  If you’ve read my work, I’d be interested in any feedback that crosses your mind.  Or, if you’ve stumbled onto this blog, I will provide links to the availability of my writings.

If you are an editor who has read my work and enjoyed it, and is interested in soliciting for your journal or magazine, please let me know.  I currently have a few story submission out to various journals, but I am happy to send your journal a manuscript.

My next blog post will discuss my publication in Jelly Bucket.  I will give some information on that literary journal and then explain my long history with literary journals, most recently with Fourteen Hills, the San Francisco State University Literary Review–the best (entirely) student run literary journal in the country.

And, as this is a blog, I plan to provide content in the way of book reviews and other fun literary type things.